Service Providers and Distribution partners

The OPENSKY™ opportunity for you
As an Internet Service Provider, would you like to extend your current (narrow band) offering to the market, reduce churn amongst your customer base, increase customer loyalty by offering value-added services and open-up new revenue streams?

With OPENSKY™ you can offer a rich portfolio of services to your customers:
- Fast Internet surfing and downloading
Increase your customer loyalty offering your customers a true broadband connection up to 2 Mbps via OPENSKY™. Your customers can have broadband now independent of the availability of terrestrial broadband access networks in their region.
- Multimedia channels
With OPENSKY™ you can offer the latest Multimedia channels to your customers. OPENSKY™ will start offering Free-to-Air channels, but some pay-per-view channels and subscription-based channels are already available. This will provide you with an additional revenue stream from content channels.

OPENSKY™ support
For all it´s Service Providers and Distributors OPENSKY™ offers:
- An attractive commission structure
- Support & training for the sales and support of OPENSKY™ services
- Joint marketing campaigns and marketing tools to address your markets
- As a member of the OPENSKY™ partnership you will meet other partners to further enhance your service and create new business opportunities.

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