Portal Partners

Operating a broadband portal today is a major challenge. The roll out of terrestrial network has not been as fast as many people might have thought it would a number of years ago, and the growth of the number of broadband subscribers is slower than expected.

The OPENSKY™ opportunity for you
OPENSKY™ provides you with the opportunity to extend your market to areas without terrestrial broadband infrastructure and increase your audience.

OPENSKY™ support
For it´s Content Providers and Broadband Portals OPENSKY™ offers
- Support & training for the sales and support of OPENSKY™ Multimedia Channels
- Support in the different phases of the publishing process (see diagram below), which includes encoding and digital rights management issues
- Joint marketing campaigns and marketing tools to address your audience
- Flexible billing facilities (Free-to-air, pay-per-view, subscription based)
- As a member of the OPENSKY™ Partnership you will meet other partners to further develop your Multimedia Channel and create new business opportunities.

Apply now and become an OPENSKY™ broadband portal
If you want to expand the market for your Broadband Portal market to a truly European scale and reach new audiences, then join OPENSKY™ now.
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