Fast Internet Connection

The OPENSKY™ platform is based on the DVB technology. DVB stands for Digital Video Broadcasting, the European standard for digital TV. The DVB standard provides a very high-speed, robust transmission chain capable of handling the many megabytes per second needed for hundreds of MPEG-2 digital TV channels. And as it is digital, DVB transmissions can take data as well as video and audio, compress and transmit them at the same high speeds used for digital television.

The DVB standard was developed to include encapsulation techniques which allow the MPEG-2 data packets to carry IP traffic, allowing both digital TV and the Internet to co-exist on the same system and to be received by either DVB-compliant PC cards or set top boxes. Here below is the OPENSKY™ architecture schematic:

To use the SatSurf service, just follow this three easy steps procedure:

  1. your computer is equipped with a DVB adapter and a dial-up modem. The OPENSKY™ client application should also be installed on your computer
  2. your interactive request is sent through your dial-up to the OPENSKY™ platform connected to the Internet backbone. The request is computed and your content is sent back to you at very high speed over Eutelsat satellite.
  3. the household equipped with a satellite dish receives the requested content and forwards it to your computer through the DVB adapter.

More on the transmission protocol

The OPENKSY™ multimedia platform, located at the Rambouillet ground station (France) acts as a bridge between the worlds of IP and DVB.

IP packets routed by the ISP for satellite delivery are encapsulated into DVB and then into MPEG-2 packets and MPEG transport streams. The data are then amplified and uplinked for transmission via satellite.

Each IP packet is addressed to the authorised user(s) enabling conditional access or other security measures. The recipient's DVB adapter demodulates and reassembles the IP packets and identifies those addressed to the particular user, disregarding the others. The recreated original IP packets are then viewed by the authorised user just as any other IP stream.

Multimedia video channels

The dial-up connection required for surfing the internet is not necessary to receive the OPENSKY™ Multimedia channels. Via your satellite dish through your computerís DVB adapter you can receive news, music, entertainment and sport video contents directly on your computer.

To receive these channels, OPENSKY™ provides you with an easy to install client software. Just launch the OPENSKY™ client software and your system is ready for the multimedia channels.

The software also enables you to receive multimedia content on your computer while offline. All you have to do is go to the OPENSKY™ Client guide and select the content you would like to get. Leave your computer on and the content will be sent to you at scheduled time and stored on your computerís hard disk. You can then view it off line.

Multimedia channels are currently available in clear or pay-per-view subscription base.