OPENSKY™ receiving equipment

To receive the OPENSKY™ services, subscribers need to connect satellite receiving equipment to their computer. What you need is a receiver satellite dish and a DVB adapter.

Satellite receiver dish
For OPENSKY™ you need a receiver dish that provides a sufficiently large diameter in order to receive the signals from the satellites. Normally this will be 60 to 90 cm in Western and Central Europe. An existing dish for a satellite TV may well be sufficient. Consult your service provider for definitive information. You also need a LNB (low noise block) at the centre of the dish, which must be pointed at one of the OPENSKY™ satellites. If your nearest OPENSKY™ satellite is W3 at 7 degree East, we advise you to get a double LNB, the second one pointing to Hotbird at 13 degree East in order to have a greater Eutelsat TV channel choice. In case you already have a dish pointing to Hotbird Eutelsat satellite, you just have to add a new LNB pointing at W3. For Northern Europe, you can also choose to point to Atlantic Bird 1 at 12 degree West. Again, your antenna dealer or satellite service provider will offer an installation and pointing service.

DVB adapter
As rule of thumb, any DVB-IP compliant adapter will work.
You have the choice between a DVB-IP reception PCI card and a DVB-IP USB box. This choice is a trade of between equipment price and ease of use with the installation. Again the choice here is between a Do-It-Yourself approach and choosing an installer that can do the installation for you.

Choosing an OPENSKY™ service provider
Most OPENSKY™ service providers work on a national basis. The main advantage is that the service they provide is then in the national language which facilitates the customer support. Another criterion to choose between service providers might be the support package the Service Provider offers to its customers. The package might include Installation Support for the satellite receiver dish and the DVB-IP unit or not.

Personal computer

  • Minimal requirements: 400 MHz Intel Pentium MMX microprocessor (CPU) or the equivalent AMD CPU.
  • 64MB of RAM, advised 128MB.
  • Audio card
  • Microsoft Windows XP or higher. OPENSKY also works with Mac OS computer but the set of compatible DVB adapters is reduced.
  • A spare PCI slot inside the computer if you are using a DVB-IP PCI card
  • Spare room on your hard disk for the installation software (40MB) and all those large multimedia files!

Dial-Up modem
A dial-up modem is required to link your PC to the internet (minimum speed of 28.8kbps). Any other kind of connection is also supported (ISDN, GPRS, GSM, WiFi, DSL).


The installation of your OPENSKY™ equipment involves two steps:

  • installation of a new satellite antenna or the re-configuration of an existing satellite dish. This includes the physical attachment of the satellite dish to your house or any other fixed object, the laying of the necessary cables between the dish and the DVB-IP receiver unit, and the installation and pointing of the LNB to the OPENSKY™ satellite
  • installation and configuration of the DVB-IP receiver unit in connection with your computer. The PCI-card has to be inserted into a spare PCI slot, with the installation software properly installed on your hard disk. The DVB-IP USB box has to be connected to a USB port on the computer (handy for notebooks).
  • installation and registration of the OPENSKY™ client software