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OPENSKY™: the broadband opportunity
Do you have software, audio or video content available for European audience?
Imagine selling this content in new markets, with larger audience and new revenues

Join OPENSKY™ now as a Content Provider and broaden your audience!

OPENSKY™ system is optimized to distribute your digital content (e.g. data files, software, multimedia content or audio/video material) to a large European audience. As satellite-based system it is far more cost-effective than existing terrestrial broadband offerings distributing your digital content to a geographically dispersed audience. A recent survey under OPENSKY™ subscriber indicated a particular interest in downloading software, video and audio files and to watch streaming video channels.

Market your content Europe wide using Multimedia Channels via OPENSKY™!
You can package your existing content into a safely encrypted Multimedia channel. As a content provider you can either market this Multimedia channel directly to your target audiences or you can re-sell it via OPENSKY™ broadband portals and distribution partners.

For its Content Providers OPENSKY™ offers:
- Support & training on the sales and support of OPENSKY™ Multimedia Channels
- Support in the different phases of the publishing process (see diagram below), which includes encoding and digital rights management issues
- Joint marketing campaigns and marketing tools to address your audience
- Flexible billing facilities (Free-to-air, pay-per-view, subscription based)
- As a member of the OPENSKY™ partnership you will meet other partners to further develop your Multimedia Channel and create new business opportunities.

Apply now and become an OPENSKY™ content provider
If you want to expand your market from Iceland to Pakistan and from Marocco to Russia using OPENSKY™ to reach new audiences, then join OPENSKY™ now as a Content Provider.

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