What is OPENSKY™

OPENSKY™ is a satellite platform for broadband services directly to the homes of subscribers all over the world. The platform consists of three components:

  • the Eutelsat satellites
  • the OPENSKY™ gateway in Rambouillet (France) connected to the Internet Backbone
  • standard satellite DVB-IP receiving equipment at the customer home

For the connection between the end user and the OPENSKY™ platform, a standard dial-up internet connection via telephone is used. OPENSKY™ main advantage is the fact that satellites can achieve very high data speeds to send data, IP packets or audio/video to OPENSKY™ subscribers at low cost.

In a lot of regions in Europe (and around) terrestrial broadband connections are not available yet, nor will they become available in the near future. For super fast Internet access, OPENSKY™ provides instant broadband internet access to existing internet subscribers that use a dial-up telephone connection to the internet.

OPENSKY™ offers more to its subscribers! The high speed bandwidth via satellite is also used to provide multimedia services: an increasing number of video channels available via broadband portals using multimedia protocols like MPEG4.


The OPENSKY™ team is dedicated in developing and introducing a range of satellite based broadband access services to the market. The OPENSKY™ team is based in Paris and the work is done in close cooperation with national partners in different European countries.

Eutelsat S.A is one of the world’s leading satellite operators (number one in Europe). The company provides satellite services with a seamless coverage across five continents, encompassing Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South West Asia and North and South America. Eutelsat’s satellite infrastructure offers direct-to-home broadcasting, video distribution and contribution services, transmitting more than 1200 television and 600 radio stations to 98 million cables and satellite homes.

In providing Fast Internet and Multimedia Channel services to customers all over the world, the OPENSKY™ team works closely together with a whole range of OPENSKY™ partners including Internet Service Providers, Satellite Dish installers, Manufacturers of DVB adapters and Content Providers.